made a small indro for sv22se with unity 0.4

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    I used this nice project for a small intro for the upcoming sillyventure 2022 summer edition.

    First time I ever did something with C, so it is based a lot on the given examples. Don’t expect to much it is a rather simple test by me, of what 8bit-unity can do for you. I wanted to have something more in the thing, but actually it was to slow to be usable and I don’t have time yet to go deeper into 8bit-unity till sv22se.

    Hope the engine evolves more. There is a lot of potential in it, but atm some things are impossible when you try to stay universal and don’t want to go deep into device specific (and maybe assembler) coding.

    I will post everything I did, when sv22se is over, so stay tuned.

    Thanks for this nice utility or better engine! And please, give A8 bitmap mode a real white, this should be possible.


    Hey ppsberlin!
    I am really interested to see what you did! As you said, the engine tries to stay general which means that some platform specific hacks are not fully exploited yet.
    As for speed, I am trying to move as much of the engine to ASM as possible with each new release. It takes time, but the engine gets better with each edition.
    Regarding the color palette of A8, it is possible to change it in GIMP with version 0.5. The engine auto-loads the settings from the produced binary file.
    Hope to catch you on Discord sometime!


    Next weekend you can see, what I have created. Whole thing – .atr and .lnx files and my whole project sources – will be released after sv22se.

    Hmm, discord is maybe one of the locations (as fb messenger) I’m currently not around 😉 There are so many messengers and equal services around, so that I’m not registered there…

    As I’ve started now to have a very small look into C, it is possible, that I’m hanging around here a bit more in future 😉

    Your work is great and thanks of it I have my very first Lynx programme done 😉

    But to say thruth, most work for this intro was just graphic and music work. Code is just not that much in released version, as I had pulled of my deeper coding tries, as of speed problems in pure C – might caused of my beginner status in that language, too.


    Here is the thread with all the code, music and pictures of this: atariage forum
    Feel free to use the code (I did not much there), the music and pics. Always STAY ATARI!

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    Thanks so much for sharing this buddy! I have bookmarked the link to read later.
    Did you make a Youtube video of this demo?


    Seems as if the links to the videos are not allowed to post here. Tried it, but the post does not show up here.

    Search for ppsatari @yt or go to demozoo sv22se page.

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