8bit-Unity is released free-of-charge to encourage continued development of games and applications for 8bit era computers. If you would like to support this project, please consider making a donation on Paypal or becoming a Patreon (see links on the right).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you previously installed CC65 on your windows PC, go to environment variables and remove CC65_HOME. Otherwise the packaged compiler will pick up header files from the wrong place.

See Release Notes

 8bit-Unity Beta Relase 0.4.0
>>added scrollable Charmap support; New Tech Demo: 8bit-Dungeon<<

 8bit-Unity Beta Relase 0.3.5
>>added compact GUI system; New Tech Demo: 8bit-OS<<

 8bit-Unity Beta Relase 0.3.4
>>improved graphics on Oric, support for multiple music tracks, simplified asset files<<

 8bit-Unity Beta Relase 0.3.3
>>added support for graphic chunks (animation); New Tech Demo: 8bit-Goblin<<

 8bit-Unity Beta Relase 0.3.0
>>added support for Atari Lynx; New Tech Demo: 8bit-Slicks<<

 8bit-Unity Beta Relase 0.2.1
>>important bugs in compilation have been fixed<<

 8bit-Unity Beta Relase 0.2.0
>>added support for Oric 1 & Atmos; New Tech Demo: 8bit-Grubs<<

 8bit-Unity Alpha Relase 0.1.1
>>important bugs in disk builder have been fixed<<

 8bit-Unity Alpha Relase 0.1
>>intial release<<