Quick Guide

Building the Demo Disks:

Double click the file builder.bat will show an interface for building 8bit-Unity projects including the necessary code and asset files for each platform. Use File > Load to import the project “demos/demo.builder” and press “Generate Build Scripts”.

There are now several batch files in the /build folder, with names such as “demos-apple.bat”. Run each script to build the relevant game disk. Press any key to auto-launch the disk in the associated emulator.

Note: To run the network demo, refer to the section on emulator setup to configure networking correctly.

Contents of the SDK:

/build: Empty folder, where build scripts and compiled disks are generated
/docs: URLs pointing to website documentation
/projects: Sources and assets of various tech demos
/unity: Sources of game API (you probably don’t need to modify these files)
/utils: Emulators, GIMP, Piskel, Python 2.7, scripts and tools…