Release Notes

Beta Release 0.4.0
* Added support for scrollable tile/charmaps.
* Implemented support for both Single Hires (64K) and Double Hires (128K) on the Apple 2.
* Implemented sprites multiplexing (DLI) on the Atari. Now allows for up-to 12 single-color, or 6 multi-color sprites with minimum flicker.
* Improved performance and memory footprint of graphical functions on all platforms (pixels, printing, sprites, widgets).
* Added option to crunch/decrunch bitmaps (for faster loading and efficient use of disk space).
* Lots of minor bug fixes!
Beta Release 0.3.5
* Added compact yet powerful GUI system (panels, listboxes, buttons…).
* Added support for TCP and URL protocols in networking.
* Added virtual mouse (run by the joystick).
* Implemented high performance directory listing and file loading system (using xBIOS on Atari, and sedoric on Oric).
* Updated CC65 compiler to latest version (slightly improves memory footprint).
* Separated functions into more source files, to reduce the memory usage when some functions are not used.
* Lots of minor bug fixes!
Beta Release 0.3.4
* Significantly improved graphics on Oric (by integrating PictOric). Two image conversion modes are available in the builder: Lores(smooth) and Hires(noisy).
* It is now possible to add multiple music tracks to the disk, the LoadMusic() function has been implemented for all platforms.
* Improved the Lynx file management, all datas (bitmaps, music, shared, chunks) are now listed in the same fileDatas[] array.
* Now using *.img for bitmaps, and *.mus for music tracks (on all platforms).
* Lots of minor bug fixes!
Beta Release 0.3.3
* Added support for graphic chunks (used to animate scenes)
* Implemented multi-color sprites for Oric
* Improved performance of Apple sprites
* Streamlined music pipeline (simple trackers for all platforms)
* Lots of bug fixes!
Beta Release 0.3
* Added support for Atari Lynx (16 color graphics, Chipper music)
* Added ALTAI joystick interface on Oric
* Increased available memory on all systems
* Improved soft-sprite collision detection
Beta Release 0.2
* Added support for Oric 1 & Atmos (AIC graphics, YM music, PASE/IJK joystick interfaces)
* Increased number of sprites on Atari: 10 single color sprites, or 5 when flickering between 2 differently colored frames for the same sprite (see sprite demo)
* Improved sprite drawing performance on Apple //
* Reduced memory footprint of Double Hires Graphic Mode on Apple //
* Implemented basic support for 8bit-Hub on Oric (hardware to be released around Xmas 2019)
* Simplified the network API (see udp demo)
Alpha Release 0.1
Initial release with support for:
* Apple //e (Doubler Hires Graphic Mode, Electric DUET Music Player, Uthernet Adaptor for Networking)
* Atari XL/XE (InterPlay Graphic Mode, RMT Music Player, DragonCart for Networking)
* C64 (Multicolor Graphic Mode, SID Music Player, User Port Joystick Adaptor, RR-NET for Networking)