Sprite Multiplexing on Atari 8bit

Uncategorized / Thursday, March 25th, 2021

8bit-Unity 0.4 is coming real soon!! It has taken time because, behind the scene, I have been crazy busy improving/optimizing both old and new features.A good example is the sprite engine on Atari 8bit. The previous implementation offered 10 sprites slots, but displaying more than 4 at-a-time caused real “epilepsy inducing” flicker.I got some brilliant information from https://playermissile.com/ and implemented proper DLI based sprite multiplexing. There are now 12 single color sprite slots (=6 multicolor) displayable without flicker (unless you line them up all on the same row). The difference is huge and makes gameplay much more enjoyable.8bit-Unity 0.4 will be a significant update for all supported platforms, including the much awaited charmap support. Totally worth the wait!

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