Release Notes

version 0.2

* Added support for Oric 1 & Atmos (AIC Graphics, YM Music Player, PASE/IJK Joystick interfaces)
* Increased number of sprites on Atari: 10 single color sprites, or 5 when flickering between 2 differently colored frames for the same sprite (see sprite demo)
* Improved sprite drawing performance on Apple //
* Reduced memory footprint of Double Hires Graphic Mode on Apple //
* Implemented basic support for 8bit-Hub on Oric (hardware to be released around Xmas 2019)
* Simplified the network API (see udp demo)


version 0.1

* Initial release with support for:
– Apple //e (Doubler Hires Graphic Mode, Electric DUET Music Player, Uthernet Adaptor for Networking)
– Atari XL/XE (InterPlay Graphic Mode, RMT Music Player, DragonCart for Networking)
– C64 (Multicolor Graphic Mode, SID Music Player, User Port Joystick Adaptor, RR-NET for Networking)