The 8bit-Hub is a powerful accessory that connects into the serial/printer/user port of your 8bit computers, and provides a range of functionality such as Wifi networking, MicroSD storage, 3 joystick ports, and PS2 mouse port.

The 8bit-Hub was designed for tight integration with 8bit-Unity, making it very easy to develop new applications that use the connectivity on offer. It is also possible to build standard assembly and CC65 application that talks to the hub (see sample code).

The following games and applications are already available:

  • 8bit-Slicks: Online top-down racing game for up-to 4 players, with a competitive ranking system.
  • 8bit-Strike: A counter-strike inspired 2D online multiplayer game for up-to 8 players, with a competitive ranking system.
  • 8bit-OS: A new and exciting “App” oriented 8bit Operating System currently under development. It features a file browser, image viewer, music player, text editor, and even a mini “web browser”!!! Future releases aim to include an “App Library” of downloadable community contributed apps.
  • 8bit-Web: Run a HTPP website from your 8bit Computer!!!

The 8bit-Hub is priced 124 USD, plus 15 USD per communication cable (+shipping fee of 10-20 USD, depending on country). If you would like to get a unit, please enter the order queue and we will contact you as soon as a unit becomes available (first-come / first-served!).


Update (2021/12): Current firmware supports the Atari (400/800/XL/XE), C64, NES/Famicom, Oric 1/Atmos and Lynx. But it is possible to enter the queue with cable for other systems, this will actually help me prioritize the order of implementation.

The roadmap for future development on the 8bit-Hub includes adding function calls to use the Hub as a co-processor (for computation intensive applications/games). Stay tuned!

Finally, it is important to mention that 8bit-Hub is fully opensource! The hardware and software are released to the community so they can improve or modify it to suit their own needs. The technical information can be found here: