8bit-Hub (Hardware)

Complete list of parts needed to produce the 8bit-Hub.

Item (number)Identification
ATMega2560+ESP8266 (x1)
LCD 20×4 I2C (x1)
MicroSD module (x1)
PS2 socket module (x1)
Logic level converter (x1)
DB9 male connector (x4)
DB9 female connector (x1)
DB9 shell (x1)
10cm jump wires
(male/male x 35)
(male/female x 16)
(female/female x 2)
3D Printed Case
Self-tapping screws
M2.3×8 (x4) M2.0x7 (x2)
M1.7×5 (x5) M1.7×3 (x4)
2m cable with 2.5 mm jack
60cm flat ribbon cable
with 20 pins
Overall Connection Diagram

To produce a Hub takes 3-4 hours, the actual build steps are as follows:

  • Jump wires are soldered to the DB9 connectors and logic converter.
  • Logic converter is connected to PS2 socket module.
  • LCD screen is attached to 3D printed front cover.
  • Wires from all modules are connected to the main board.
  • Main board is mounted inside the 3d printed case.
  • Modules are attached to the side of case.

Finally, the communication cable is produced by cutting the COM cable and soldering to a male DB9 connector with protective shell.

COM cable wiring