Quick Guide

Building the Demo Disks:

Double click the file builder.bat will show an interface for building 8bit-Unity projects including the necessary code and asset files for each platform. Use File > Load to import the project “demos/demo.builder” and press “Generate Build Scripts”.

There are now 4 batch files in the root folder with names such as “demos-apple.bat”. Run each script to build the relevant game disk which will be saved in the folder “[build]”. You can then copy the disk to a floppy or load it in an emulator (AppleWin, Altirra or Vice).

Note: To run the network demo, refer to the section on emulator setup below to configure networking correctly.

Contents of the SDK:

/[build]: Empty folder, where temporary build files and compiled disks are generated
/[docs]: Very sparse documentation
/demos: Source files and assets used to build the demo disks
/grubs: Source files and assets of the “Grubs” tech demo.
/unity: Source files of game API (you probably not need to modify these files)
/utils: Emulators, GIMP, Piskel, Python 2.7, scripts and tools for converting assets and compiling disks.

Emulator Configuration:

In order to use networking with AppleWin and winVICE, follow these steps first:

  • Download and Install WinPCAP (ethernet driver): https://www.winpcap.org/install/bin/WinPcap_4_1_3.exe
  • In windows 10, go to “Control Panel” > “… Network Status…” > “Change Adapter Settings”
  • “Right-click” > “disable” every adaptors except your Ethernet Card.

If you have setup everything correctly, then “8bit Unity is easy!” will be printed in the UDP Demo.


The first time you run AppleWin, you will need to configure the emulator by clicking joystick and speaker icon:

  • Configuration > Model: Apple //e
  • Configuration > Ethernet Settings:
    • Ethernet > Uthernet
    • Select Interface: select your ethernet connection
  • Input > Joystick 1: Keyboard (cursors)
  • Sound > Device: Sound Card
  • Sound > Sound Cards: Mockingboards (in slots 4&5)


Altirra comes pre-configured with the dragoncart. These are the defaults settings:

  • “System” > “Hardware” > “600XL/800XL”
  • “System” > “Video” > “PAL”
  • “System” > “Video” > “Frame Blending”
  • “System” > “Devices”:
    • Click “Add”
    • Select “Cartridge devices” > “DragonCart”
    • Set Bridging mode to “NAT”
    • Click “OK”.

— VICE —

VICE comes pre-configured with the RR-Net. These are the defaults settings:

  • “Settings” > “C64 model settings”
  • Set C64 model to C64C PAL, PAL-G
  • “Settings” > “Cartridge/IO Settings” > “Ethernet settings…”
    • Set Ethernet to “RR Net”
    • Set Interface to the only device shown
    • Press “OK”.